Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast & Me!

Just a quick post today to let you know that I guested on the Eviscerated Gaming Podcast a week or so ago.  It's available on iTunes & Stitcher Radio or you can listen directly from If you haven't listened to EGP before, it's hosted by my good friend, Cold (from Cold's Gold Factory) & Rez and it's usually not safe for work! I had a great time chatting to the guys, especially Rez as I'd not spoken to him before. We talked about some weird news stories, got sidetracked a bit into Hunter talk as Rez & I are both leveling hunters at the moment & of course, lots of goldmaking stuff too. This show's a bit tamer than usual - I think the guys were being polite(ish) with their first female guest around! lol

If you like Electronic Dance Music, Cold has a segment at the end of every show where he spotlights some great tracks each week - it's called Electronic Education & has it's own Twitter account too (@ElectronicEDM). I've always liked all kinds of music so I really enjoy this segment each week.

If you haven't heard of Nonmail but you don't mind some strong language, there's also a regular segment called Nonmail's Nutz - definitely NSFW but as much as I hate to admit it - I love Nonmail's rants! He also has his own mini-podcast available on Sticher radio & iTunes & you can follow him too on Twitter @nonmail06010.

Cold's blog is one of the longest running gold making blogs out there - he's just published details of his 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaway & there's lots of prizes to be won too. It's also one of the very first WoW blogs I ever stumbled across & in fact, I mentioned it in my very first post on this blog!

Pop over to for a full list of contact details, show notes etc but I'd definitely recommend a listen even if you don't want to hear what I sound like & how noobish I sound when talking about anything WoW except goldmaking!


  1. Hi Nev, will pop over and give this podcast a listen. :)

    1. I love these guys - possibly not to everyone's taste but it's about the only podcast I manage to keep up to date with! I hope you enjoy it :)


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